Government and Institutional Services Team

How governments and institutions manage their real estate assets affects the financial and functional return on investment.  As a leader your goal is to maximize the value of your stakeholder’s value and return on investment of real state assets.

However, maximizing real estate values is not your core mission.

Real estate is simply a component of a greater mission, however a very important part.

Many organizations evaluate real estate holdings on a case by case basis, which does not maximize value.  Sperry Van Ness Government Institutional Service Team (GIST) is your real estate department we assist with comprehensive real estate solutions to unlock hidden value in your core and non-core real estate holdings.

Your organization is complex, your real estate solutions are complex. GIST is able to work with stakeholders and leaders to discuss, negotiate and execute a potential real estate solution with the following tools:

  • Transaction Management (brokerage)
  • Create comprehensive real estate plans (Master Planning)
  • Consultants
  • Valuation
  • Property Management

We are able to modify our services to your needs with our multiple product specialty teams we can assist with most all property types.

  • Brad brings a high level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism to our firm and his go-getter attitude and innovative approach to the commercial market lends much to his success.  Sperry Van Ness – ... more »

    Brent C. Miller CCIM CPM
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